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About Longhouse Publishing

Longhouse Publishing in Mission, British Columbia publishes quality books on Indigenous and cultural themes. We draw on over 50 years of combined experience and knowledge on Indigenous culture, writing and production. We are particularly sensitive to the cultural and spiritual protocols of Indigenous people, and we have a deep understanding of the social and political realities that we all face today.

Ann Mohs of Longhouse Publishing has been producing and publishing culturally-relevant materials including audio production, print media and creative solutions for Indigenous clients in the Fraser Valley, BC for over 35 years. Collaborating with other local talent to achieve an enduring legacy for Indigenous communities, Ann’s philosophy on life is simple: “…what we do today shapes our tomorrow.”

Ann attended the University of British Columbia, obtaining an undergraduate degree in Anthropology and, subsequently, a diploma in Media Resources from Capilano College.

Ann and her family moved to Mission in 1981 where she began working in the Media Department at Fraser Valley College, followed by a position at Coqualeetza Cultural Education Centre in Chilliwack, where her long career working with Indigenous communities began, completing many projects aimed to document and preserve Indigenous culture – notably, through photography and multi-media production.

Ann found her heart belonged to the sport of competitive Outrigger racing, and so began her new journey. It has shaped her later life, and taken her to places including Hawai’i, United States, Cook Islands, Australia, New Zealand and England.

In August 2022, Ann won Gold and set a world record in her solo event at the IVF World Sprint Championships in England, 29 seconds ahead of 2nd place… surpassing her “holy grail” to be on the podium! In 2023, she again won Gold, setting a world record for the IVF World Distance Championships in Samoa.

Upon reflection, Ann is not sure why her life has taken the direction it has, but she remembers thinking, “if there is going to be meaning in my life, then maybe this is what it was meant to be.”

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